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First, Select your casino and game

Select Casino/Game Slot Machine

When you start Slotzer, you will begin on the "Select" screen where you pick the casino and game where you are playing.

Keep track of your Wins/Losses/Bonuses

Win Lose Bonus Buttons Slot Machine

Once you've made your casino/machine selection, the "Win/Lose/Bonus" screen appears.  Then, each time you play, note the results by pressing the appropriate button: Win, Lose or Bonus.  Some people consider it a win when the game returns the same amount as you wagered - you can decide this for yourself.  As you record each play, a counter appears on the face of the button showing totals for that session.

If you make a mistake, swipe or longpress  the button to reduce total by 1.

See your results

Slot Machine Tracking Report

Press "Report" to see a cumulative summary of results for that machine.  This willl include previous sessions that may include results from days or weeks ago. You may wish to record your current results with a screenshot by pressing the home button and then the sleep button.

For historic play, go back to select your previously played game (at the beginning of the list of games) and then the ID number for the machine your played.

Keep a Diary

Slot Tracking Diary IRS W2G

Press "Diary" from the menu at top-right of screen to go to the main Diary screen.  If necessary, select Country, State and Casino.  Then enter either your "Beginning Stake" or your "Ending Stake" or both.  For instance, you can make a diary entry when you start playing to enter your "Beginning Stake."  Then, when you end your playing session, you can enter your "Ending Stake" amount as a separate transaction.  Alternatively, you can wait until the end of play to enter both at once.  The "Witness" field is for notes, particularly the name of someone who is with you as you play and can vouch for your results as specified by IRS rules. 

Get your Diary Report

Slot Tracking Diary Report

Please note that the Diary Report option is not available on "Slotzer LIte."  Please upgrade to the full version to access this report.

At any time you may request a report showing the details of your diary entries on the screen.  Press "Diary" from the menu at top-right of screen to go to the main Diary screen.  You may then press "Email" to send yourself a CSV file of diary entries that may be opened in a spreadsheet and printed out to back up your W2G or other tax forms.


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